Throughout 2016, an interactive art installation version of Lucy Burnett‘s latest hybrid novel, Through the Weather Glass, is on UK tour. Come join Icarus on a Lewis Carrollian journey through the weather glass of climate change into the world beyond!

Lucy Burnett’s most recent novel Through the Weather Glass tells a fictionalised version of the author’s struggles to understand environmental change through the persona of Icarus during a 2500 mile cycle to the Greek island of Icaria in the summer of 2010. The interactive installation version of the novel playfully invites audiences to help the author continue this journey, by participating in negotiating new stories about climate change than the apocalyptic norm, by asking:

What if we can’t solve climate change, and is viewing the future apocalyptically really helpful?

How can art help us respond to climate change in innovative new ways? What might the world look like if we travelled through everything we know about climate change and participated in the world beyond?


The installation has something for everyone, whether it’s pedalling the bike powered TV, watching an animated Google  Earth film, listening to poetry or flicking through photography, learning how a barometric weather glass works, or writing your own thoughts on paper feathers and sticking them to Icarus’s willow wings!                    

The challenge: will you help Icarus pedal her way through the weather glass into climate change world, and to craft some wings from poetry to help her to fly? Will you join She-Icarus and her talking bicycle on a genre-twisting and gender-bending road trip up mountains, across plains and along the coast of our wonderfully changing world?